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A Step by Step Guide for Writing and Delivering a Wedding Speech/Toast

When you are planning a wedding toast there are many things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you are likely to feel a little nervous about giving a speech and you may not know what to write or even how to get started. Luckily, the following guide will help you. Just follow the steps to write and deliver the best wedding speech ever!

Step 1 - Start Writing

When you sit down to start writing your wedding toast you probably want it to come out perfectly the first time around. However, this rarely happens. In fact, it never happens. You need to plan on at least one draft, if not two or more. So, simply sit down and start writing. Let the ideas come to you and just see what you get down on paper. Once you finish with this free flow of ideas you will be able to take the good and go with it while leaving the other stuff behind. Once you are at this point you are better prepared to take the information you have and create a really good toast.

Step 2 - Create Your First Draft

You want to create your first real draft. This includes sitting down and thinking of a good way to start, a great joke to get the toast started, or even just a funny anecdote. Think of a few sincere ways to tie in the significance of the wedding and donít be afraid to get a little emotional. As you are writing, you will find the heartfelt words just come out and you will write them down!

Step 3 - Final Draft

Once you have all the information you need it is time to create your final draft. This means making the toast more cohesive and reading it aloud to make sure it works. Once you have your final draft completed read it to some friends and see what they think. Consider their feedback and see if it helps you make your toast better.

Step 4 - Memorize Your Speech

You have to memorize your toast. In fact, you need to know it so well that it is second nature. This is important because when you are giving the toast you donít want to be using note cards. So, do what it takes to memorize the speech so you can stand up in front of everyone and look like you are giving a toast rather than reading one!

Step 5 - Giving the Toast

When you give the toast, you want to stand up and look everyone in the eye. Make sure you are including the whole room, but when you talk specifically to the bride or groom look at them. This will make your speech seem more sincere! Also, donít rush through the speech. Take your time, pause when you make a point, or give the guests time to laugh if necessary.

Step 6 - Finishing Up

When you are finished with the toast simply raise your glass, toast the bride and groom, and take a sip of your champagne. Now itís time to enjoy the rest of the wedding!

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