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Best Man Toast

Ok fellas, this is your time. The big game. No pressure. Now donít panic weíll get you through this, because letís face it, itís the best manís toast everyone will remember at the reception. So what do you talk about? Are you going to be silly or serious? Feeling a tear jerker speech? It could win you the phone number of that cute bridesmaid. Then again, thereís no need to trade in your man card for the event. Some things you just canít get back, and no one wants to be the guy who got all misty eyed at the wedding. The best course of action is to follow a simple outline, provided here, and you are going to be the hero of the hour. No man card trade in, no awkward look from a rejecting bridesmaid, only claps on the back and endless praise from your groom-buddy.

Best Man Toast Step 1- Donít Forget Your Manners

Itís a good policy to start by thanking the guest for showing up to the wedding. After all, whatís a speech if no one is there to hear it? And donít forget your buddy who so graciously bestowed the honor of being his best man on you. Who doesnít want to spend $50 or more buck on the worldís most uncomfortable suit, then deliver the most nerve wracking speech and try not to make an idiot of himself in the process? No problem. Still gratitude goes a long way in scoring you major points in the best man toast awards. So start with some thank youís.

Best Man Toast Step 2- Get Nostalgic

This is the time to bring out that story of how the two of you ( you and the groom) broke the neighbors window, wrecked your first car, and pulled a few all nighters in college. Keep a few things in mind when you are coming up with your nostalgia portion of the best man toast.

One- Shenanigans are cute, misdemeanors are not.

Two- A few blushing faces from old awkward moments are fine, embarrassing anyone.... especially the bride, not so much. Keep your stories short, sweet, and humorous. Leave a little time for the segue into your next piece.

Best Man Toast Step 3- Wrap It Up with Best Wishes

Time to get serious, and wrap it up all neat and clean. Wish the bride and groom all the happiness in the world. Compliment the bride on her skills at taking care of your buddy, and score points with a pretty comment. Finally you want to finish your best man toast with something memorable. Remember, people like things in threes. Good luck, best wishes, and lifelong love. Youíll hit a homerun every time. So raise your glasses to the best best man toast ever!

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