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Bride Wedding Speech Tips

As the bride you are probably anxious enough about getting married that you donít have time to think about your speech! However, you really should give yourself a few weeks or even months to prepare the speech and learn it. The reason why is that you will be really busy the week of your wedding, and especially on your wedding day. Because of this you donít want to add any additional stress by trying to memorize a speech while you are getting your nails or hair done. Give yourself your wedding day as a time when you donít do anything more than get ready. There will be enough going on that you wonít have time to think about anything other than exchanging vows, so just relax!

Writing the Speech

The first thing you want to do is focus on coming up with some short but sweet anecdotes to include in your speech. Think about your first date or the time you knew you were really in love. Feel free to share stories your groom doesnít know about how you felt when he first kissed you or the way your heart raced when he proposed. It is your wedding day so it is completely acceptable to get all romantic!

During your speech you also need to focus on your parents. Thank them for being there for you, for raising you into the woman you are today, and ask them for their continued support in your new life. As parents, it is hard to give a daughter away so make them feel special and included in your special day.

Finally, thank your in laws, your bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and the guests. This should be short and sweet, but sincere! Read more about How to Write and Deliver a Funny Bridal Speech...

Some Useful Tips

Have tissues with you when you are giving your speech. No matter how many times you practice it tearlessly it is unlikely this will be the case on your special day. So, have the tissues ready for when the tears come. Wear smudge proof mascara, too, so you wonít ruin your makeup for the rest of the night!

You may not cry, but chances are you will at least have a tear or two during your toast or someone elseís. If you are prepared then you wonít worry about messing up your makeup or looking bad for the wedding photos.

Bride's Wedding Speech Sample

"Welcome everyone! I am so glad you could come and share this special day with _______ and me. We are so happy that are dreams of becoming man and wife have finally come true and we look forward to spending every day together, starting with the honeymoon! Mom and dad, thank you for supporting me and being such great role models for a happy marriage. To my new in-laws, I look forward to being part of your family! And, to my new husband, I canít wait to spend the rest of my life with you!"

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