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Bridesmaid Toast

Hey ladies, it’s time for you to shine. If speaking in public isn’t in your thing, that’s fine. We’ll help you through this. Here’s the thing, you’re already a bridesmaid. Being a bridesmaid alone comes with it’s own set of unpleasant responsibilities. This doesn’t have to be one of those if you follow this simple strategy for the best bridesmaid toast. While the bride might be the one who everyone is looking at, you’ll be the one whose every groomsman is trying to get.

Step 1 for the world’s best bridesmaid toast- A Little Schmoozing for Starters

Don’t cry. It’s going to be an emotional event anyway, but if you’re working for the academy award of bridesmaid toasts you need to keep it together. Everyone will have tears flowing when you get done anyway. So the key here is to stay level. Start out with a sweet nod to your bride buddy and her lucky catch. Thank everyone who came, and thank the bride for giving you this honor. Try not think about the crazy jobs like filing her rough feet when you say this part. Just keep smiling!

Step 2 for the world’s best bridesmaid toast- Dessert First with Sweet Stories

Find two or three sweet stories from your past and toss those in here. Try to build up to a crescendo of “and here we are now...” Guests will love it, and you are going to start the water works with your rockin’ bridesmaid toast. A little humor will keep the guests entertained. Childhood stories and cute anecdotes are good here. Keep it short and sweet, and then move into your big finale.

Step 3 for the world’s best bridesmaid toast- Entree` at the End

You are finishing this up with a real heart warmer. While the best man gets the humor a, you get the tear jerking and the tugging at the heartstrings. Your bridesmaid toast is going to make everyone believe in love again. Now is the time when you want to bring out the lifelong love and the forever together odes to romance. Throw in some illusions to growing old together, and you have an ace in the hole.

Don’t forget to end it off with a raising of the glasses to the happy couple. And you my friend have just nailed your Oscar winning, world’s best bridesmaid toast ever!

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