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Father of the Bride Speech Suggestions

The father of the bride speech is perhaps the longest and most emotional speech at a wedding reception. It is an emotional moment for the father of the bride to address the crowd and speak to his daughter and new son in law. Fathers frequently break down during this part of the evening because they are on the spot and have to talk about their little girls. This is hard, but there are some tips to help you keep it together.

Writing the Speech

Many fathers of the bride think they donít need to write a father of the bride speech simply because they can wing it. And, while many do take this route the speeches arenít as smooth or cohesive as they could be. Not to mention many men are able to keep their emotions intact when they know what they are going to say. If they arenít prepared then it is more likely they will ramble and simply break down. So, sit down and write a speech!

Most fathers arenít in control of the wedding planning so they have more time to focus on speech writing. As a result, fathers of the bride can start a week or so ahead of the wedding and come up with a first draft. It is always a good idea to run this draft by the mother of the bride to make sure it is up to par and will not embarrass the bride too much. Of course, a little embarrassment is okay, but no bride wants her dad to reveal too much on her wedding day!

Delivering the Speech

When it comes to speech delivery the father should address the crowd, the bridal party, and his new son in law and daughter. He should speak from the heart, but also include the mother of the bride as part of his speech. But, itís okay for the father of the bride to use personal stories, too, and this is often what makes the father of the bride speech so special.

When you begin to give the speech address everyone. Breathe deeply and take your time. If you do this then you will have no problem at all giving a father of the bride speech that is truly worth listening to. And, you may even motivate some other fathers to give similar speeches when their daughters get married.

Sample Father of the Bride Speech

"Welcome everyone! _______ and I are so glad you could be with us on this special occasion. We are here today to celebrate the marriage of ______ and _____, my little girl. She will always be my little girl even though I gave her away today. Itís hard to explain a fatherís love and only another father can understand. And I hope (speaking to son in law) you can experience and understand this love one day. There is nothing better than to be married and share that love with your own children. And, today as I stand here on my daughterís wedding day I think of her future, of my grandchildren, and realize that a new story has really begun. And, while I am no longer the man in her life, she will always be my little girl. "

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