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How to Prepare a Best Man Speech: Few Tips & Tricks

Most of us are not used to delivering any form of speech in our daily lives. Hence, for many, despite the happiness and excitement that surrounds the wedding of our friends or dear ones, the thought of delivering a best man speech could invariably induce cold feet.

But, really, delivering a best man toast is not such a tremor inducing experience if you prepare a bit in advance as to what to say and in which order. For eloquent speakers, this may not be applicable, but for the common man, the following tips could come handy.

First of all, plan the speech at least few days or a week ahead. Jolt down the ideas, piece it together in the form of a decent speech, and practice it preferably by speaking aloud. Thinking about ideas, that could be your relationship with the couple, how the groom was before he met his fiancée, and it also ok to include their courtship, how it all developed, in the form of a brief story if you know it or have witnessed it in person.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself. Unless you are Tiger Woods, not many might know you, and introducing yourself to the crowd will help put your speech in context.

Thank the bride’s and groom’s parents for inviting everyone to the event.

Ensure not to mention groom's ex-girlfriends, bachelor party tales, inside jokes etc. The wedding reception may feature young children as well. So the speech must be ‘PG’ rated.

Give equal importance to both the groom and the bride in the speech. In a best man toast, you are toasting both for selecting you as the best man for the wedding.

In the toast, if your views on marriage are positive, go ahead and share them with the people gathered. If you are already married, it would be interesting to the party to hear some friendly or witty advice from your own experience. On the other hand, if you are not for marriage, however, don’t make any negative comments on marriage and its underlying concepts. The speech, in its every fiber, must be fitting to the occasion.

End the toast on a high note, raising your glass, expressing good wishes to the new couple. Don’t forget to drink your own toast when you are finished.

Finally, don’t drink too much in the run up to the toast. There are stories of people who have made a mess of wedding toasts by getting drunk prior to the event. Avoid that!

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