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How to Write a Perfect Friend of the Bride Speech

A friend of the bride speech is something that should be prepared in advance and it should begin with an acknowledgement of having been given the honor to address the wonderful occasion of the wedding of the bride who has been known to the friend for quite some time.

It can also be made humorous and informal to let everyone know that the bride and the friend are on good and friendly terms and it could even let people know a little bit about the bride’s wonderful past.

In fact, the friend of the bride speech should help to highlight the many accomplishments of the bride as too her special talents and the other highlights in her life. There may also be made mention of how the bride and bridegroom met and what the friend’s impressions about the relationship were so that people can get an insight into the romance and the blossoming of it.

It will also help to let everyone know what special attractions in the couple led to the decision to marry and whether it was an excellent collection of records, or common passion for the same things, these points need to be brought to the notice of those listening to the friend of the bride speech.

To cap the friend of the bride’s speech, it would be a good idea to let everyone (and more especially the wedding couple) knows how everyone wishes them a bright future and a blissful wedded life. If need be, a toast to the bride and bridegroom can be raised.

There is no sense in making the friend of the bride speech long winded as it will only bore one and all and defeats the purpose of the speech which is to eulogize the bride and wish the couple a happy future.

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