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How to Write and Deliver a Funny Bridal Speech

Bridal speech is the most anticipated and cherished moment in a wedding. And that makes the event more stressful to the bride, who may be already overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event and the mix of emotions running in her mind. In order to deliver a touching bridal speech, however, the lady in the wedding gown should not try to hold back her emotions. This is the first lesson. If you cry, let it be. Don’t try to check the tears. Let the thoughts flow freely, and that’ll only help make the speech look genuine.

Start the speech in a funny note, with a joke or a statement that invokes gags. Doing so will not only prepares the audience to listen to the main parts of the speech with enthusiasm, but also calms down your tense nerves.

Next, thank your parents, friends, well wishers, and all those who have spared their time to come and bless the couple. If there is somebody who had assisted you financially in the run up to the wedding, reserve a sincere word of thanks to them as well. Also, don’t forget to mention your new name - post wedding. Your husband would like it definitely.

Then seamlessly proceed to speak few words on your dreams, expectations, and aspirations of a married life. Here, you could also mention – in a lighter vein – how and when you met your husband and how the relationship evolved to culminate in this very day. Also, send out a bouquet of thanks to your in-laws and again to your parents, who have all come together to help make your dreams a reality.

Once got in to the flow, too many things you may want to tell the people around you. But, discerning sense should prevail in such situations for telling a thing or two more would prolong the speech by few more minutes at least. Hence, keep a plan in advance as to what all you are going to add in the speech, and stick to the plan as much as possible.

As the talk gradually tapers to its eventual conclusion, say what you expect in your new life and how you are blessed with just the right person, add few thanksgiving and spiritual remarks addressed to all, before raising a toast and then concluding the bridal speech.

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