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Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Tips

The maid of honor speech does not have to be very long or involved. In fact, it can be as short as 30 seconds to a minute long. That is pretty good considering some of the other toasts can last several minutes. As the maid of honor you will want to first address the bride. Tell her how proud you are that she found the man of her dreams. Talk to her about how special you feel to be her maid of honor and that you will always stand by her. You may want to give her some marriage advice if you are already married, or you could make a joke by giving advice if you aren’t married.

When you begin planning your speech you may want to review some samples maid of honor speeches first. Doing this will let you know what other speeches are like and it may give you some ideas on writing your own. If you have problems coming up with your own speech there is no shame in buying a speech and then tailoring it to your specific circumstances.

One thing is for sure, though, and that is that you will want to make the bride feel special for choosing you as her maid of honor. Take a moment and talk to the groom, too. Tell him to take care of your best friend/sister, welcome him to the family, and complete the speech by raising your glass!

Tips on Writing a Maid of Honor Speech

As the maid of honor you may get a little emotional during your toast. That is okay and to be expected. However, you may want to consider wearing waterproof mascara so you won’t have any black tears. Having some tissues on hand is always a good idea, too.

Another suggestion is to keep the toast short and sweet. Generally, the father of the bride will go on and on and on and the guests will start getting antsy. This is good news for you so say a simple toast, remember to smile and make eye contact, and then you are done!

Sample Maid of Honor Speech

"I met (the bride) when we started college. We were roommates and that first day we never knew we would grow to become best friends. But, we knew we would at least be physically close because those rooms were tiny! As time passed by our freshman year we became inseparable. We took the same classes, studied together, went out together, and became like sisters. So, today, on her wedding day I would like to toast her finding the man to complete her and celebrate her friendship. To the bride and groom!"

Follow the guidelines here and you should find that writing your maid of honor speech is not nearly as difficult as you had imagined. Just give yourself some time, practice what you write, and then have fun with it during the reception!

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