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Order of Wedding Toasts and Toasting Etiquette

Wedding receptions are a lot of fun, but they are also pretty emotional thanks to all the wedding toasts.

Generally, you will find the father of the bride speaks first. The wedding MC or the DJ will call on the father of the bride at a pre-determined time during the reception. The father of bride usually welcomes his new son in law to the family, talks about his daughter, and welcomes the guests.

Next, the groom responds. He will thank his father in law for the kind words and then thank his own parents for their help in his life. He thanks his wife for marrying him and he also toasts the bridesmaids.

Next up is the best man. In this speech, the best man is supposed to entertain the guests, be funny, and emotional all at the same time.

At this point the maid of honor should give her toast. She should toast the bride and groom, and the guests.

The guests may choose to toast after the bridal party has made their toasts. This really depends on the wedding reception and how things are going. In some instances, you can tell that its time to end the toasts and move on to something else. In others, there are so many well wishers that want to say something nice that you just have to let them.

The History of Wedding Toasts

Wedding toasts have been around for thousands of years. It has been common for guests to speak at the wedding and wish the couple well forever, practically! Of course, not all guests traditionally spoke because men were really the only ones recognized in early days. But, as the world evolved so did wedding toasts!


When it comes to toasting etiquette there are some things to keep in mind. First, you need to keep the toasts short and sweet. Sure, its nice to have some nice words and emotional moments, but in general toasts should be fast because everyone wants to get back to dancing, drinking, and having fun!

Next, memorize your speech. If you are going to give a toast, take the time to learn it or talk from the cuff. If you read from note cards it wont sound sincere, people wont pay attention to you, and it wont go as planned.

Another tip is that you should look people in the eye. When you are talking about the bride, look at her. The same goes for when you are talking about the groom, or the guests, or whoever. This is polite, it reinforces what you are saying, and makes the toast more sincere.

These are just some tips to help you give wedding speeches in the best possible way. Knowing what order to go in is great and knowing how to give the best speech possible is important, too. The tips and information provided here will likely help you out significantly when it comes time for a wedding or other special event.

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