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Rules for Writing Wedding Jokes

This is a tricky subject. Jokes are such a mood lightener by their design, but so often a joke can turn out to be the exact opposite of what the deliverer was intending. One of the worst places a joke can be taken the wrong way is in the ever perilous wedding speech. If you are honored with giving a wedding speech, then you might want to think about the wedding jokes you tell before the big. Otherwise youíll have an angry bride on your hands. Donít let this happen to you. Here are some simple rules to follow if you find yourself in the precarious situation of being the deliverer of a wedding speech.

Wedding jokes: Rule 1- No embarrassment

No matter how funny you think it is to share with the wedding guest the time the bride got wasted in college and ended up on the front lawn of the university, nowís not the time to share that story. If there is even the remotest hint that one member of the couple might get embarrassed, eighty-six that joke immediately. No one likes to be embarrasses, especially on their big day. And since nerves are usually spent by this time, itís best to just not try embarrassing wedding jokes.

Wedding jokes: Rule 2- Keep it positive

When giving a speech at a wedding, the jokes need to be positive ones. Too often people make the mistake of using the Ďold ball and chainí reference. Do yourself a favor, and restrain yourself from these types of wedding jokes. There are a lot of happily married people in the world who donít look at their spouse as a burden. So keep the jokes positive. Nothing kills a mood like an ill worded, spouse attacking joke. There are lots of positive jokes about marriage that will do just fine here.

Wedding jokes: Rule 3- Know your jokes

Have you ever seen Finding Nemo, and poor Marlin being a clownfish is solicited frequently to tell a joke. He only knows one joke, and telling it presents a challenge. By the end of the movie he delivers his joke, and he does get a good laugh from everyone. Donít be Marlin. Practice your wedding jokes ahead of time if you need to. This will ensure that you donít get mixed up and sound like a dweeb when you are giving your speech. Keep it simple too. If you joke is more than five minutes long, eighty-six that one too. By following these rules, your wedding jokes will be the highlight of the speech.

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