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Speeches for a Wedding

If you are the Father of the Bride, the Best Man or the Maid of Honor in an upcoming wedding, then tradition states that you will be required to give one of the traditional speeches for a wedding. This speech is often given at the wedding reception and normally follows the cake cutting portion of the reception. This is a time honored tradition and one that holds a lot of meaning not only for the Bride and Groom, but also for the wedding guests. This speech will encompass memories that you share with the Bride or Groom as well as congratulatory wishes and advice for the happy couple.

Speeches for a Wedding  - Protocol

When it is time for the speeches to begin, this is typically announced by either the Master of the Ceremony or by someone with a microphone. If this is not an option, then standard protocol is for someone to tap their glass with a piece of silverware. This is often times considered rude by some, so it is not recommended if there are other methods available. Speeches for a wedding should be delivered while standing up and in most cases the person giving the speech should be facing the bride and groom and speaking directly to them.

Speeches for a Wedding - Order

If you know the bride and groom very well and you want to share a wedding speech, one of the most important guidelines and traditions must be followed. Even if you are ready to speak and no one else seems to be willing, do not go first. It is the responsibility of the Host to make the first speech. Typically this is the Father of the Bride but in non-traditional weddings, this may be someone other than the Father of the Bride. Following the host will be the Best Man and then the Maid of Honor.

Speeches for a Wedding - Example

Here is a small example from a Best Man’s wedding speech:

(Groom's name), we have really shared some amazing years together. I treasure our friendship and can’t wait to see how wonderful life turns out for the two of you. Some advice, never go to sleep at night angry. Stay up until you work it out. Also, (Groom’s name), always remember that three words can fix any argument and keep your wife happy- “You’re right, honey”. Congratulations to my best friend and the beautiful bride”. This is a special occasion and a chance for you to tell the bride or groom how much you love them. Enjoy your moment!

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