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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Speech Tips

The wedding rehearsal dinner speech is a fun speech. That’s because the rehearsal dinner is the night before and a time for the bridal party and guests to just have a good time. There is no reason at all for a wedding rehearsal dinner speech to be anything other than lighthearted and in good fun. It is completely acceptable for a wedding rehearsal dinner speech to be really funny, too.
Generally, the way wedding rehearsal dinner speeches go is that the father of the groom, who usually pays for the rehearsal dinner, stands up and makes a short toast to the bride and groom. Then, the floor is open for short speeches by anyone who wants to give well wishes to the happy couple. This is a fun time for the bridal party to say a few words as well as out of town guests.

Writing the Rehearsal Dinner Speech

Most people will just give a toast off the cuff at the rehearsal dinner. Since these are short toasts that is completely acceptable and expected. However, if you are planning on giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner then you may want to sit down and think it through a bit. For example, the father of the groom will give a speech and he knows he will well in advance. So, it makes complete sense for the father of the groom to do a little research and write an appropriate speech for the rehearsal dinner.

When writing the speech it is a good idea to include a few jokes. Rehearsal dinners are all about fun and preparing for the next day. So, mixing serious with fun is a great way to give the speech.

Speech Delivery

Delivering the rehearsal dinner speech is no different than any other speech. You will want to pay attention and make eye contact. You want to give the group some time to laugh at your jokes but not so much time that there is a break in the toast. Generally, a fast toast that is completed in under a minute is recommended.


When you are preparing for the wedding rehearsal toast you will want to think through what you are going to say. The last thing you want to do is tell a story that the bride or groom is unaware of or do or say anything that would embarrass them more than just a little bit. All too often information comes out in speeches in a joking way, but it is not taken this way by the bride or other members of the bridal party. Because of this it really is important to write your speech, read it, practice it, and run it by others.

Following the tips outlined here will prove very helpful to you when you plan on giving a rehearsal dinner speech. Everyone will love your toast and remember your words for years to come.

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