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Who Toasts Who at Wedding Toasts

Weddings are a time honored tradition that is full of beauty and romance. From the beautiful flowers and decorations to the heartfelt vows and promises of lifelong love, weddings are full of magic! They are also full of traditions and customs that have been passed down through the years and that are expected to be followed. In fact, the protocol for wedding toasts is a little more rigid than some of the other wedding traditions. Toasts may be emotional, funny or maybe a little of each, but there is an exact order to who should toast when.

The Father of the Groom

The first toast at a wedding is typically always offered by the Bride’s father. The Bride’s family typically pays for and hosts the wedding, so this is the reason why his speech is often first. When speaking, the Bride’s father should thank each of the guests for attending. He then usually shares some memories of his little girl growing up and special moments that he has had with her through the years.

Next, the Father of the Bride will usually address the groom and offer any advice that he thinks is relevant. This toast usually is concluded with well wishes to the Bride and Groom.

The Best Man
Following the Father of the Bride, the Best Man typically delivers the next toast or wedding speech. Usually, this speech will last for several minutes, but probably should not be longer than five minutes all together. This speech usually includes a few funny stories, memories from his time with the groom in the past and also well wishes for the new couple in the future.

It is nice if the Best Man also addresses the bride during this speech at some point. This is often a high point of the reception and provides the guests with lots of laughter and sometimes a few tears.

The Maid of Honor

After the Best Man delivers his wedding speech, the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor will speak next. This speech typically is similar to the best man’s speech and will include memories from her time with the bride growing up. Personal stories are usually shared during this speech and they offer wedding guests a glimpse into knowing more about the bride and her relationship with her friends.

This is also an appropriate time to thank the Bride’s parents as well as the bridesmaids and any others that made a significant contribution towards helping with the wedding or reception preparations.

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