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Writing a Funny Wedding Speech

The time has come when that special person in your life is getting married. And, you have to give a wedding speech! You are humorous by nature, so you obviously want to include that in your speech. But, how do you go about writing and delivering a funny wedding speech? The following tips will help you create the funniest wedding speech ever!

Writing a funny speech

When you start writing your speech, it is important to keep in mind that it will not be perfect the first time around. So, sit down and just start writing. Let the jokes come out naturally and just write them down. You will have plenty of time later on to perfect them and make them flow in the speech. To begin with, just write! This is the state of “free-flow” and it will give you a starting point. It might seem uncomfortable to just start writing, but do it and you will create a great base for your speech.

After you have a first draft, it is time to begin editing. You will need to edit your speech two or three times, and maybe even four, so do not focus on every detail first. When you begin editing, you may want to first focus on flow. Find natural breaks where you can stop and start a new sentence. Once you have a good flow you can see how your jokes work within the speech. This means you need to read it aloud! Stand up and start reading. Pause where you would pause, laugh where you would laugh, and see if it comes out how you planned. If not, it is time for another edit. If you feel good about it then you will want to try it out on some friends!

Delivering a speech

When you are delivering your speech it is important for you to remember to breathe and not rush through the speech. Take your time, make eye contact, and focus on the bride and groom. Remember, you do not want to read your speech straight from your note cards. Instead, you want to know your speech and only have your note cards to guide you should you get lost!


When it comes to actually giving the speech you will want to make eye contact with people. Focus on talking slowly, being sincere, and really driving home the jokes. The toast can be a boring part of the wedding, or it can be the best part! Take the time to practice and it will come off great and everyone will enjoy your toast.

Funny wedding speech sample

"The day has finally come where this amazing couple has become man and wife. I remember when they started dating, or rather “hanging” out within a larger group. Each day fewer people were part of the group until finally only _____ (bride) and ________ (groom) were actually free on Saturday nights to hang out. So, they just happened to hang out together since no one else was available! (wait for audience to laugh). Maybe they thought they were fooling all of us, but they didn’t! And now they will be hanging out for the rest of their days. May God bless your union and may you enjoy many more happy days together. Cheers!"

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