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Bride and Groom Speeches:
Speeches for the Happy Couple

"Even though I did not wear it on my sleeves, I was terribly nervous to the run up to the D day – the day when I would deliver my ‘first time in my life’ Bride & Groom speech in front of the gathered guests. Fortunately, by chance, I stumbled upon your e-book a couple of days before the event in the web, and I must admit, I prepared the speech in next few minutes and I felt confident of myself like never before. Thanks a lot for your e-book!" -Daniel Leightley, Leeds, England

"Since I knew the bride and the groom really well, I wanted to give a speech that they would be able to see that it came from the heart. However, when it came to actually writing it, I found that I had writer's block! I couldn't come up with anything. Thanks to your ebook, I was able to overcome this and gave the speech of a life time. Thanks!" -Branislav Cemerikic, Dundee, Scotland

"When I found out my two best friends were getting married, I was overcome with joy. I wanted to be able to write a speech for them that were going to truly move them in a way that they had never been moved before. I have written many speeches in my time, but none of them have ever come out as well as this bride and groom speech did, thanks to your ebook!" -Bill Hazelton, Sydney, Australia

"Your e-book saved my day! The tips, suggestions, quotes, one-liners, and many examples, they were more than enough for me to draft and funny and touching bride and groom speech. The loud applause when I was finished hinted me that everything had gone well. Thanks again for your e-book." -Erick Recors, Orange County, California

"I followed one of your speech templates, tips, and suggestions, which helped me to create a good bride and groom speech within a matter of couple of hours. I recommend your ebook to all those who are scary about making/writing speeches. Thanks a lot for your e-book!"-Sam Pun, Jacksonville, Florida

"I prepared and delivered a bride and groom speech that drew a huge applause from the guests when I was finished. I penned down the speech solely based on your suggestions, tips, and ideas, and hence I have none else to thank, but your e-book for saving my day. Thanks Again!" -Luke Higton, Auckland, New Zealand


Best Man Speeches:
Easy Best Man Speeches

"I have a big fear of speaking in front of crowds of people. So when I was asked to do the best man's speech at my friend's wedding I didn't know what I was going to do! However, after using some of your great ideas and mixing it with some of my true feelings for my two friends, I was able to come up with the first speech that I was not afraid to give. I felt cool and clam standing up there in front of my friends and family, and I have your great ideas to thank for it. I hope to give another best man's speech at some point in my life, because I truly did enjoy it!" -Iain Calladine, Lincolnshire, Illinois

"I am not one of those people that like to get up and talk in front of people, however, when my brother asked me to give the best man speech at his wedding, how could I say no? I was up night and day trying to come up with a great speech to give, but I just kept drawling a blank. That's when I came across your ebook, and I have to say, it really did save my life! It got me out of the rut I was in, and I was able to come up with a best man speech that brought tears of joy to my older brother's face. Thanks for everything!" -Daniel Clay, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Thank you for some of your great best man speech ideas. I used a bit of my imagination coupled with your speeches, and if to take the audiences’ response, it had come good than I expected in my wildest dreams. Once I finished, they greeted me with a standing ovation and applause. That was an experience that I never had in my life before. May be because I have not been into making speeches, but boy, that was a thrilling experience I must admit, and I don’t mind doing it again. Bring me the next wedding occasion! " -Alex Corral, Bridgewater, UK

"Earlier, the thought of making the best man speech or any speech for that matter brought shudders to me. Talking to an invited audience was never my cup of tea. But, after visiting your site, I must admit, that I have become sort of an expert best man speech person. I can’t believe that my speech is still talked about amongst my relative and friends who had come to attend the wedding in the highest regard. Thank you very much for helping me un-earth the speaker hidden inside me. " -Andy Moro, Arlington, Georgia

"Excellent, I’ll recommend your e-book which helped me to prepare a speech that is meaningful with a touch of emotion, and unlike I feared I had not misplaced the words or sentences at any point either. I just want to say thank you for your help." -Andrew Vivier, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

"Thanks to your e-book, which a friend suggested to me, I was able to draft a speech with ease and quality, and the guests liked it as well. Many came to congratulate me after my speech, and I in turn have only your e-book to thank for my success. Thank you once again for your tips, suggestions, and those marvelous templates. " -Johns Wu, La Croisille, France


Maid of Honor Speeches:
Sentimental Maid of Honor Speeches

"When I was asked to be the maid of honor for my best friend's wedding, I have to say, I was a little less than honored. Not because it was not a big deal to me, but because I was afraid to death about what to say for the speech I was going to give. While trying to come up with something to say late one night, I came across your ebook, and it truly was the best thing that could have happened to me!" -Jenna Finch, Indianapolis, Indiana

"I have always wanted to be able to give a touching maid of honor speech at a wedding, but never knew the right words to use. Thanks to your ebook, I was able to find the poet inside of me and give a speech that the people at my friend's wedding are going to remember for a lifetime. I didn't know I had it in me!" -Melissa Luto, Los Angeles, California

"I was told when I was delivering my maid of honor speech, there was laughter, tears, and when I finished, there was a thunderous applause from the audience. I give full credit to your e-book for helping me save my skin for I never considered myself a good speaker, especially when it comes to speaking to a gathered audience. Your tips, suggestions, ideas, and quotes were more than helpful for me to prepare a touching speech to suit the special occasion of the marriage of my friend. Thanks once again for your e-book."  -Elizabeth Thompson, Alberta, Canada

"Your tips and phrases your e-book provided were really outstanding...thank you very much. They really helped and the speech was a smash. I recommend this e-book everyone. Thank You!" -Amy Bleyer, Chelmsford, England

"I never usually make purchases online, but this time, when I bought your e-book, I was a lot pleased. I prepared a maid of honor speech with the aid of your e-book, and it went down really well with the audience. Many even congratulated me for my ‘speech-ability’. I love it. Regards." -Rita Laverne, Perry, Georgia

"Thanks for the tips! I only had one day to prepare a maid of honor speech, but with the help of your ebook I had a great success in preparing a beautiful speech. Many people commented on the heart felt intro & conclusion." -Michele Gaudet, Columbia, Maryland


Father of the Bride, Parents, Family & Friends Speeches:

Flawless Speeches for Parents, Family and Friends

"My family and friends are all about the fun side of life, but the other day when I had to come up with a speech to give in front of all of them, I was having anything but fun. However, when I found your ebook, it helped me to come up with a speech that was both touching and funny. I was able to add in just the right touch of humor to be the life of the party while still getting my feelings across!" -Lance Johson, Alberta, Canada

"I am not a writer, and I am not a speech giver; but you would not have been able to tell that if you would have seen me last week when I was giving my speech to my dear friends at their wedding! I was able to touch them on a level that I had never been able to reach my family before. To top it off, I was able to come up with my speech pretty fast, so I did not waste a whole day trying to write the thing!" -Jessica Casey, Vancouver, BC

"I can’t believe that I had made a touching family and friend’s speech last week. I was never a good speaker, but your e-book had helped me to draft one with the right mix of emotions and fun. I recommend this e-book to all tongue tied ‘speech-o-phobic’ people like me." -Brian Turner, Plymouth, England

"To say the least, I was very much delighted when the audience applauded when I was finished. I was never a good speaker and still am. But, your e-book had helped me to pen down a family and friend speech that was funny, emotional, and meaningful all at the same time. And it had gone down very well with the guests. Thanks once again! " -Charles Ngo, Corio, Australia

"I combined your readymade templates with my own thoughts to make a great wedding speech. I was really happy when all our friends and family members compliment me after giving the speech! Your readymade templates, tips, suggestions acted as good outlines. Thank You!" -Tina Chapo, Palm Beach, Florida

"Overall, I am satisfied with your e-book. Not only it is value for money, but it also gave me the much needed confidence to face the audience and deliver the speech. Above all, it taught me how to draft a speech easily and effectively. Your templates and tips are good. I recommend it to all those who had perennially struggled to stitch together a speech. " -Green Petterson, Berkshire, UK